June 22, 2020

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By Mark Sije

The Abbot treated the boy with the best solicitude, fretted about him as though he were an unusual, delicate, perhaps dangerously precocious more youthful brother. The boy accepted the Abbot’s every order, counsel, and recommendation with ideal equanimity, never ever argued or sulked, and if the Abbot was right in discovering that Brother Narcissus’s only sin was pride, Narcissus was a master at concealing it.

Yet, apart from the discovered, he had couple of pals; his difference surrounded him like a cooling draft. Once, after confession, the Abbot said to him: Narcissus, I admit that I am guilty of having judged you harshly. Often I have actually considered you arrogant, and maybe I have done you an oppression.

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I wish I had reason to scold you from time to time, however I have none. I wish you would misbehave sometimes, as young people of your age frequently do. But you never misbehave. I fret about you a little, Narcissus. The young amateur repaired his dark eyes on the old Abbot.

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It may well be that I am arrogant. If so, I plead you to punish me. narcissus and goldmund book. In some cases I feel an urge to punish myself. Send me to a hermitage, daddy, or assign me lowly chores. You are too young for either, dear brother, said the Abbot. Besides, you are incomparably talented in speech and thought.

Goldmund Translated by Ursule Molinaro ...Goldmund Online by Hermann Hesse …

In all probability you will become a teacher and a scholar. Is that not your own dream? Forgive me, daddy, I am not specific what my own dreams are. I shall always enjoy research study, how could it be otherwise? But I do not believe that my life will be restricted to study. narziß und goldmund analyse.

The Abbot listened gravely. Still, a smile played about his old face as he stated: Insofar as I have actually familiarized people, we all have a slight propensity, specifically while we are young, to puzzle our wishes with predestination. But inform me, because you believe that you have foreknowledge of your fate, inform me what you think yourself destined for? Narcissus let his dark eyes close until they vanished in the shadows of his long black lashes.

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Speak, my kid, the Abbot ordered after much waiting. In a low voice, his eyes on the ground, Narcissus began: I believe, gentle dad, that I am predestined above all else for cloister life. I believe that I shall end up being a monk, a priest, a prior, maybe an abbot. I do not believe that this is since I wish it.

They will be laid upon me. Both were quiet for a long period of time. What gives you this belief? the old guy asked hesitantly. What skill is there in you, other than learning, that expresses itself in this belief? It is a capacity to pick up the characters and destiny of individuals, Narcissus stated gradually, not only my own destiny, but that of others as well.

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Were I not born for cloister life, I ought to need to end up being a judge or a statesman. Possibly, nodded the Abbot. Have you tested your capability to recognize individuals’s characters and fates? Have you examples? I have. Are you ready to offer me an example? I am. Very well. Since I do not want to pry into the secrets of our brothers without their knowledge, you may perhaps inform me what you think you know about me, your Abbot Daniel.

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Is that an order, gentle daddy? An order. I discover it tough to speak, dad. And I, my young bro, I find it challenging to require you to speak. And yet I do. Speak. Narcissus bowed his head and stated in a whisper: I know little of you, gentle dad.

I understand that you have an unique love for the Holy Mom of God and that the majority of your prayers are addressed to her. Occasionally you pray that Greek and comparable subjects that are studied in this cloister do not lead the souls in your care into confusion and threat.

Often you pray for a gentle end. And I believe that your prayer will be heard which your end will be gentle. It was extremely still in the Abbot’s little workplace. At last the old guy spoke. You are a romantic and you have visions, stated the old gentleman in a friendly voice.

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Can you see, my romantic brother, what I think about this matter in my heart? Daddy, I can see that you have really friendly thoughts about it. You are thinking the following: ‘This younger scholar is a little in risk. He has visions. Maybe he practices meditation too much. Perhaps I might impose penance on him; it would do him no harm.