April 15, 2020

A Look At Top Tips On Fashion Designer Learning And Education

By Mark Sije


Fashion design is one of the most glamorous careers a young person can take. Cloths people wear speak tones about them, choosing to dress people as a career in a great responsibility and can be a lot of fun. Before you work at a designer company, you need to have adequate training and experience. Having a good education or some fashion designer learning is essential for this career.

Having a passion for the career path you have decided to follow is a very important. If you are constantly thinking about how to make fashion designs or are already making your own designs, you are on the right track. Remember to move around with a sketch pad just incase an idea or inspiration pop up and you need to sketch.

It’s always good to start early. If you are still in high school, you can gain some vital training and experience which you will use later in your career. You can volunteer to design costumes for the drama club in your school. Alternatively, you can take a part time job at a fashion house or a cloth store while still in high school. Such exposure will give you good experience which is important in any career. This is not to say you can not pursue this career if you did not start it out at high school level.

As they say, education is an integral part in any career. While in high school; you can take fashion, design and textile classes. You will learn the basics of this career and its history. Learning home economics is also very vital. It is here that you will learn to sew skirts, trousers, shirts and so no.

Some of these courses will be taught more extensively at university level. Learning them earlier will familiarize you with what is expected of you. It also gives you a huge head start as you look forward to complete your higher education. A course in graphic design programs where you will learn about colors is also as important. In these classes, you will learn the basics of drawing, proportionality and design. With such a foundation, you are at a better position in succeeding as a designer.

The next step is pursuing higher education once you are through with your high school education. You can opt to take an associate degree which takes up to two years to attain. You can also take a bachelors degree which will take you four years to attain in most countries.

Most bachelor’s degrees are usually very extensive. Students are taken through a combination of artistic training coupled with their course work and conceptual training. You also have to work as an internship before you are awarded the degree. In your course, you will learn the basics of three dimensional drawings, textiles, computer aided design, color theory, fashion business and portfolio representation.

Once you attain your degree, looking for an internship will be the next step. You need to work hands on apart from the education you’ve received from the university. With this, you will be set to succeed in this profession.